Single White Procrastinator Seeks…

Truth be told, in devising my 2009 resolution, I procrastinated for so long that I finally decided against the whole idea. Then I ran across a few web sites which inspired a new idea.

First, I found Creative Every Day. This site poses the challenge to do just that – create every day. Yes, anyone could have thought of that. The site’s creator, Leah, takes it a step further by suggesting ‘themes’ to spring from (this month’s is “play”), and asking people to share their art/blog/etc. so that everyone can benefit. I thought it was a great motivator. It will be a struggle, but I’m going to try to do it!

Reading through Leah’s entries, I also came upon Christine Kane’s blog article Resolution Revolution. She has a lot to say about New Year’s resolutions, why they fail, etc. Her words struck a major chord with me. Perhaps this is a type of resolution I could keep? I’ll mull that over and let you know…


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