2009 – The Year of Joy

Joy – something I haven’t experienced in a long time. I know a lot of people say this, but I haven’t been truly happy in such a long time. I take things too seriously almost all of the time, and I think it has a lot to do with not taking time out for me. Instead of just shrugging things off, I can’t get my mind off of them. I let it bring me down. I’m not a very positive person to my co-workers or even friends sometimes.

I’d like to try to have a smile on my face as often as I can, and hopefully become a more pleasant person. The discipline ties into this more than would appear. Despite the word discipline’s reputation, it is going to help me be more joyful. The discipline is in not worrying and keeping my mind off of the trivial things in life – so I can focus on the fun stuff!


One thought on “2009 – The Year of Joy

  1. Dear, Ges
    goin on 9 years since we frist talked
    I read your first paper which i’d have kept
    over these years.
    Ges you will fine your joy .
    I too have not seem to have time to write I still
    have a darkness deep within and dealing with finding to put that behind me .
    You been a great friend over the years and we shared alot of our art.
    Ges i’m very proud of you!
    God bless you.
    My pen still has ink in it ,i’ll too like to reclam my joy that was lost when I stop writing.
    Lets us never put our art on hold , we must find the time to let it pour out of us.
    Thanks for being my freind all these years and many more to come.

    Altar Lee 01/27/09

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