Holes in the Net

Have you ever been bombarded by ideas, bombarded so heavily that you can’t focus on any one of them? You grasp for them – you try to take a snapshot of every one that’s great and worth fulfilling in your eyes. You break out the butterfly net and chase them. Your net comes up empty, because ideas like these are always so fleeting and fluid. Maybe you finally just let the dizzy take over and you collapse, letting it all wash over you, feeling helpless in its sway.

I am trying to cope with an overabundance of good intentions. And those intentions? Purely selfish, every one. To keep up blogging – because it promotes the writer and artist in me. To finish the first piece of art for our house. To finish something – just one thing out of everything I’ve started. There is so much of it, and I just can’t focus. I’m trying to conscientiously be a better person in a lot of different ways. Every one of them seems to be failing at this point. But if I try to focus on any one thing, my mind wanders to another.


One thought on “Holes in the Net

  1. This always happens to me. I have many ideas and either not enough knowledge or time to implement them. I have realized that I need to try harder to work on one thing at a time. Focus on one area. I am basically trying to learn 5 or more programing languages and concepts at one time. While some of these compliment each other, some of them are completely separate. I just can’t decide where to focus. I think the psychiatric community refers to this as Attention Deficit Disorder. Whatever.

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