An item you’ve been watching has been relisted…

I’m sitting at work today, and thinking of all of my classmates from high school. Classmates who live in faraway places, classmates who have jobs that seem so … superior … to my own. I know it isn’t right to compare any person’s life to your own…after all, it is YOUR life! But I can’t help thinking that I would be more satisfied with my life if I had taken more chances during the past few years.

Recently I’ve thought more and more about what is “okay” for my life. I had a goal when I moved to Omaha: I wouldn’t stay longer than five years. Well, now that Scott and I have bought a house here, it seems logical that I would have reconsidered that awhile ago – but, no. It just hit me suddenly again – I didn’t want to be here this long; what am I still doing here? At one point in my life, I realized that it didn’t matter so much where you were, as long as you were happy with your life there. I still feel this to be true. Maybe I’m just antsy and anxious for change (well, duh…I am über excited about teaching!). I still feel like I’m too young to be starting my fifth year at my job, too young to be paying for my own house, too young to feel, bottom-line, this unhappy. Just a self-reflection, I guess.


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