Some Beginning’s End


    I twist the ring on my finger self-consciously as I walk, feeling the detail and its weight on my flesh as much as in my mind. I question whether it belongs there, knowing full well it doesn’t – my defiance in wearing it anyway raising waves of foreign emotions to surface.
    One kelly green karat surrounded by a halo of white sparkle. Designed exactly to be worn forever, and I want to do just that. Now estranged, floating on that finger. Heavy and so glittery shiny…lacking the significance it once fronted and stirring strange emotions. I didn’t expect a reaction; I just wanted to wear it.
         Never an engagement ring; no longer a wedding ring. No symbol of love. Not a representation of forever. It really always has been just a shiny reminder to seek what I truly need to live the best life possible. Realizing that I will never settle for less again. That some things should be absolute signs of a misstep on our paths, and not be ignored or taken as challenges to overcome.
     Sometimes there really is a point where “No” is the right path. Sometimes it takes awhile to come back around to it.
    Somehow, defiantly, I can’t leave it sitting in the shadows of a jewelry box. I don’t care what they will say or think…I have no illusions about what it means. I bought this ring with my money, my own sweat and tears and efforts. And I’ll allow it to sparkle in the light, drawing the attention it demands and raising any feelings it may. From my right hand.


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