Is it still sacred? Important? Cherished? If no, then Let it Go

“If it’s still sacred to you — and only if — then keep holding on.” This article by Danielle LaPorte summarizes my thoughts exactly on life as of late (although her writing tends to allude to letting go of a relationship and I am not focused on culling anything of that nature).

People, objects, hobbies, behavior, mindset, even my own self-perceptions: this is my filter for what stays in my life.

Playing small? That is absolutely not sacred, nor the life I want. Playing big and bright? Yes, please ‘n’ thanks.

It’s not easy, but being completely intentional and aware seldom is. It actually hurts like hell and makes a person question if they are ever doing the right thing. It’s not easy to do the right thing for YOU, you know. However, it IS refreshing and scintillating even in the tough spots – and leaves room for nothing but a bigger, bolder life. A few years deep in intention…a few years of being aware of what I cultivate in my life…and I no longer recognize my life compared to where I was before. In all of the best ways! It’s a beautiful feeling to realize that. We have all of the power in the world to fulfill our purpose.
I’ve given up blindly following old habits and old sparks if they no longer serve my higher goals, bigger vision, and well-being. I’ve learned more about myself than I thought was possible, just by mindfulness of that still, small question with the hugest of possibilities: Is it moving you forward and helping you create your best life? Simple, but seldom easy.
I don’t believe in shrinking. There is no satisfaction to be found in trying to fit a previous version of ourselves, or someone else’s ideas of what we should be. I really believe we would all be brighter/more fulfilled if we followed our own compass.


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