50 Things I’m Striving for by 01/01/2013

In striving for simplicity in 2012, I’ve cut back on a lot of the demands of life and found a little more joy therein. But now that the year is over halfway through, I’ve decided to join up with some soul sisters at goddessguidebook.com and commit to a list of 50 things I’d like to see myself accomplish by year’s end.

True to my nature, my list is full of anything but simple notions. I’m already intimidated…but there are ways to *simplify* it into digestible tasks. I’m going to revisit my list every week and see what I can check off, revise, and plan for. I’ve heard a lot lately about how the best way to accomplish your goals is to write them down…we shall see.

    1.    Write a weekly blog post (or more).
    2.    Design my brand, web site, Etsy shop, blog, etc. for my stationery company.
    3.    Find a print vendor for invitations.
    4.    Find a print vendor for loose leaf stationery and envelopes.
    5.    Earn money doing what I love. Goal: $7,000
    6.    Finish reading The Dark Tower series.
    7.    Team with another site to offer printable freebies (wedding side).
    8.    Team with another site to offer printable freebies (stationery side).
    9.    Create original art every day.
    10.    Learn about stones/crystals.
    11.    Learn about astrology.
    12.    Print business cards.
    13.    Create marketing collateral (wedding).
    14.    Contact vendors from our wedding with business info and collateral.
    15.    Visit a new place for a day or weekend trip.
    16.    Take Business Goddess course.
    17.    Exercise two or more times a week.
    18.    Use the materials I have to create art (destash and save $).
    19.    Find a side job.
    20.    See good friends from out of state (Thanksgiving?).
    21.    Shampoo all carpets in house.
    22.    Paint bathroom.
    23.    Refinish piano.
    24.    Sell/go through Aunt Verona’s costume jewelry.
    25.    Wedding pictures to disks. Disks to family members and bridesmaids.
    26.    Write again, weekly – poetry, short story, etc.
    27.    Lay crescent blocks and create berm(s) in backyard.
    28.    Host a fajita party.
    29.    Learn better photography.
    30.    Actually take all of the e-courses I’ve purchased.
    31.    Create a business page on Facebook.
    32.    Post twice a month on ^^
    33.    Meet and build upon my tribe.
    34.    Save money and schedule my husband’s tattoo session.
    35.    Beginner’s hoop dancing/fire dancing. ^v^
    36.    Share my artwork with the world.
    37.    Enjoy a new year’s eve with my sister.
    38.    Have a garage sale after completing the Goddess Haven course.
    39.    Take the dogs for a walk 3x or more a week.
    40.    Reconnect with friends.
    41.    Skype with Alyssa (Portland) and Kirk (St. Louis)
    42.    Find creative ways to save money.
    43.    Host a family holiday?
    44.    Work on strengthening intimacy of marriage.
    45.    Go disk golfing.
    46.    Cut hair to a “me” style after my sister’s wedding.
    47.    Start playing guitar again.
    48.    Conquer sewing pile.
    49.    Reorganize paper crafting supplies.
    50.    Create earring frame for bathroom.
    51.    Refinish deck (yep, 51…I know. Can I try any harder at this, haha?)

Feeling ambitious and a bit unorganized, I guess for today at least I’ve started with #1!