Veto that Resolution

Each new year we let it creep in to our lives. The Resolution. But then we see something shiny and we forget all about it until we’re beating ourselves up for, once again, failing to act. New Year’s resolutions are short-lived, it’s no secret, but for me, this year will be a total change.

I don’t have a resolution; I’m not going to dare myself to fail at making some much-needed changes. Instead, in 2009, I’m going to keep two words at the front of my mind to guide my actions. I suppose it’s the same concept, just packaged differently for my mind to actually dwell on it. I think I’ll keep my priorities intact and will get more accomplished this way. My words?

Discipline, and Joy.


Single White Procrastinator Seeks…

Truth be told, in devising my 2009 resolution, I procrastinated for so long that I finally decided against the whole idea. Then I ran across a few web sites which inspired a new idea.

First, I found Creative Every Day. This site poses the challenge to do just that – create every day. Yes, anyone could have thought of that. The site’s creator, Leah, takes it a step further by suggesting ‘themes’ to spring from (this month’s is “play”), and asking people to share their art/blog/etc. so that everyone can benefit. I thought it was a great motivator. It will be a struggle, but I’m going to try to do it!

Reading through Leah’s entries, I also came upon Christine Kane’s blog article Resolution Revolution. She has a lot to say about New Year’s resolutions, why they fail, etc. Her words struck a major chord with me. Perhaps this is a type of resolution I could keep? I’ll mull that over and let you know…